Welcome to the MentorCore Community

Welcome to the MentorCore Community! The world of risk and compliance can be one that is individual in nature or focused on identifying and calling out the challenges in the rest of your organisation. It is also not easy to find others that understand our world and can help see it in the context of other parts of the business or institution. MentorCore’s Community is here to facilitate active discussions on topics of importance to risk and compliance professionals on personal growth, leadership development, being effective in the workplace, and more!

Discourse is forum software, not to be confused with the similarly named Discord which is chat software often used for gaming communities. It has apps for iOS and Android as well as RSS feeds for nearly everything.

This section of the forum is open for all kinds of discussion, please make sure it stays relevant to the community (e.g. mentoring/compliance/risk related, and of interest to most visitors here).